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Photo by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash

I spend hours in front of you
Trying to understand
Your universal view
I want to trace your fingerprints
To know what makes you unique
I want to know your weakness
Let me know when to hold

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It’s 6 am and the sun is already up. Summer, daylight lasts longer and night time is shorter. What do I like about summer? I asked myself. Summer is my least favorite season. I couldn’t find the answer for 2 minutes.

And then I look outside, appreciating the beauty of the green mountain …

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Where I buy books?

Reading books is my favorite hobby and my stress reliever as well. But it’s quite expensive..for me. I used to buy books from the online bookstore here in Korea pero double ang price lalo na kung walang stocks at kailangan pang orderin isa kabilang side ng earth.

It took me a while to …

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Visiting Jeongeup-Si

We used to live in Jeongeup for two years. Dito ko unang naexperience ang spring, autumn, and winter. At dito ko rin naexperince sumakay ng bus na hindi alam saan bababa dahil hindi pa ako marunong magkorean.

2012 nang lumipat kami sa Gyeonggido. Gusto ko dito dahil sa mga advantages like malapit sa …

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